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More a service fee than a tax
AutomaticTax is really not a tax in the conventional understanding of taxation. It is more a service fee for the use of the monetary system of a country to transact business. All the conventional sentiments about taxes in general do not apply to AutomaticTax, such as whether a tax is FAIR or PROGRESSIVE or will influence the economy one way or the other.

The only purpose for taxation
The only purpose AutomaticTax has is to charge a service fee similar to the service fee that is charged by credit card companies for using the facility of credit cards (credit card service fees are about 2% to 3% of the amount charged on a credit card transaction).

It is a transaction fee
AutomaticTax is a 5% transaction fee for the use of the monetary and banking system created, regulated, maintained and supervised by the government of a country. Without creating the currency and creating the monetary system in a country its economy would function at just a fraction of its efficiency and deliver only a fraction of its prosperity.

A bargain in comparison
In comparison to the credit card service fee of 2% to 3% for just facilitating credit card transactions, the small 5% service fee charged by the government on all money transfers is an absolute bargain for this enormously important financial service provided by the government. On top of that, included in the bargain for the 5% service fee, are all the government services at all levels of government that presently are paid for by all the unintelligently created systems of taxation that are so very labor intensive and frustrating to all of us and are a source of great frustration. The great wastefullness created by the current systems of taxation also creates poverty because the yearly $7500 per family of wasteful efforts created by all this unintelligent taxation could be employed for wealth creating purposes instead.